About me

This is more than you probably want to know about me.

I'm the daughter of a retired Army soldier and a mostly-stay-at-home mother (she didn't work outside the home till we were in our teens- "we" being myself and a slightly older brother). I married the guy I dated in high school. He joined the Army- his father was a career soldier as well- and we have three kids (who are all grown now). My husband suffered a massive stroke at the age of twenty-eight and is now paralyzed on his right side and suffers with speech and communication disorders. His stroke was the result of his time in the Army, specifically, chemical exposure in the Persian Gulf War (1991). I write a blog about him called:
"Conversations with the Disabled Guy".   

I started having unmistakable symptoms of something (which turned out to be fibromyalgia) at the end of 2004. I had my left knee replaced on March 18, 2009 and I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia June 27, 2010. But who knows how long I've really had it. 

I love animals- we have six dogs (five Chihuahuas, one German Shepherd) and two cats. Before my health started to cause problems, I enjoyed the outdoors. I go to local renaissance faires, in garb. I love tattoos (I have eight and would like more). My taste in music is as varied as my taste in books. I listen to many different types of music- new age, classical, classic rock, classic country, heavy metal, what is called "adult alternative", and many sub-genres like "pop-punk" and "punk-alt". I read everything- from magazines, to classics, to best-sellers, to biographies and historical fiction and non-fiction.  I'm also a movie buff and we own more than a thousand DVDs. 

I used to draw and paint, but arthritis and fibro pain took that from me and now I only draw or paint if its for a very special reason. I'm a freelance photographer. I have a semi-regular gig shooting product photos for a local clothing designer. My photographs can be seen in ~my Flickr Sets~. I have a Pahz Photography Facebook page, and an etsy shop for my fine art photography. 

~Flickr link to my profile photo~ Where I explain what I did to get the effect.