Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend two at the ren faire was not so bad...

I was tired from the activity, but the pain didn't kill me like it did the week before. Saturday was fun and we saw friends and met new ones. I even met a Facebook friend I had not met in person yet. He even took a photo of me and the daughter (and if you read the disabled guy blog, I shared it there).

Sunday, Ceej- the daughter in question- convinced me to go in regular clothes ("mundanes") instead of garb. What happened was a hot, sweaty, and surreal experience. Because Ceej is young and thin and hawt (not to be confused with "hot"), she wore shorts and a halter top. Me, being older, fat and not-so-hawt wore my usual clothes- jeans, Docs (boots) and a tank top with a gauzy-fabric overshirt. Turns out that three layers of garb is cooler than a pair of jeans.

The surreal part was that we kept slipping into our ren-faire speak. And nobody took us seriously. And by "nobody", I mean the people who were tourists. If we overheard people looking for something, we'd stop and tell them where it was, because we know these things. They'd look at us weird because that's when we'd slip into those fake English accented voices and say something like, "The flushies are just beyond the Pig and Whistle Tavern, m'lady." (flushies being, you know, flushable restrooms and not port-a-johns). Then we'd say, "Uh, we're usually in garb..." Then we started prefacing everything we said with: "Usually we wear garb..." There was even a lady who gave us a dirty look and rolled her eyes at us. I surely hope we're not that judgmental of folks who go to faire in regular clothes. (I can state that we are not. We don't care if you're in regular clothes. Garb is expensive! The people I have a problem with are the ones who have decent garb, but wear it with a T-shirt or a tank top. I mean, come on, you've got the entire kit going on here and you throw in a Megadeath tour T-shirt? Why?).

We've decided we will never do that again. The best part was that our friends still recognized us and we were called "naked" more than once. Jane the Phoole saw us and her jaw dropped and she exclaimed: "Ladies! You're naked! Where are your clothes!?"

I had hoped to wear my hair down, because that's how I prefer to wear it and at faire, its almost a requirement to wear it up, but less than ten minutes into the faire and I had to put it up. Despite the heat and the surrealism of being in normal clothes, we managed to have fun. And today, I'm missing faire because Ceej had a college thing. She got to meet her roommate, too, so there's that.

We'll go tomorrow and that'll be fun, because we'll be all garbed-up.

Today, though, I'm having a typical achy day with the weather. The humidity and rainstorms have conspired to cause a flareup of my shoulder pain. That's one of those things I'm not sure is a fibro thing or not. Either way, it hurts. But, so far, the extra activity is seemingly helping. I'm definitely sleeping good on those two or three nights, so that's something. (but damn this weather! I hope its done by tomorrow...)

This is a quadtych I did for Saturday- Me and the crowd outside the gates, then inside the gates and then with Cameron from Barely Balanced and with the daughter.

153 365/2- Quadtych of the Faire

And, look who I met at the faire last Sunday.
154 of 365/2- Guess WHO I met at the Bristol Renaissance Faire today!

Yeah, a time traveler!

Dammit, I just remembered, this is costume contest weekend and I'm bloody well missing it!

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