Friday, August 12, 2011

I have no title for this...

We're on the downhill side of the ren faire now. This weekend is the sixth and that leaves us with only three to go. I'll be sad. I'll miss my friends (old and new). Sure, there's Facebook, but that won't replace moments like this-

161 of 365/2- Sir Maxmillian, the Jousting Earl of Braden!

Or this...

168 of 365/2- Guess what? Yeah, today at the faire was even better!

Or even this-

175 of 365/2- Sir Amadeo, the Red Count of Manchua!

Or the countless conversations and the other people and the people who think we work there... I found out through Jane the Phoole that I could very well become a volunteer street cast member. Apparently, you have to have good people skills and the ability to talk to anyone.

Gee... me? Talk to anyone? Ha!

I'm down twenty pounds, by the way. My next follow-up with the fibro doc will be a good one. I expect to lose at least another ten pounds before faire is done. And hopefully, I'll be able to start walking for exercise instead of just all day Saturday and Sunday at the faire.

I'm still having random days that feel awful. Sore or itchy, but a random day here or there is a lot better than every-single-day for weeks at a time. Knowing I can get up on Saturday and Sunday and enjoy myself all day long improves my mood. And the good time I have at faire on Saturday and Sunday carries me through my week.

This Sunday, we're taking a friend of Ceej's who has never been to faire. Next Saturday is Kat's 22nd birthday and she'll be meeting us at the faire with her boyfriend. (for those not in the know, that's my oldest kid). She won't be in garb, though, but she'll still have fun.

So, there's my update. The doctor was right. I DO feel better overall. I did some yoga moves last night and I didn't collapse on myself. So there's that too.

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