Monday, November 14, 2011

I need to make a jumpsuit out of that blanket...

I felt so awful yesterday that I put off writing this post till today. Yesterday, my skin hurt. Every muscle ached to the point of tears. It wasn't a flareup like the one I had when Shawn was here, but it was bad.

How bad WAS it?

It was so bad that I stripped naked and crawled between two furry, soft, fleece blankets.

That's not much of a punchline! You ripped us off!

Yeah, well, whattya want? I'm not a stand-up comedian! I'm just some freakin' housewife who has this stupid disease and nobody around to listen to my lamentations as I play the same six songs over and over and whimper through the pain.

Only part of that is true. I don't play the same six songs. More like twelve.

I also don't whimper. I fucking bitch out loud and angrily. Then I strip naked and curl in a ball under a blanket and wait for it to pass. I took two Vicodin yesterday afternoon. Then I took two at my regular time (about two hours or so later) and then, my muscle relaxers. By bedtime, I was ready to curl up into a ball and play with yarn.

By "play with yarn", I mean that literally, I was giggling at stuff that wasn't funny to other humans. After I took the two Vicodin in the afternoon, I went upstairs for my strip-down-blanket-cocoon. I ended up watching terrible shows on a channel that used to be CourtTV. It was called "Bait Car" and I giggled my way through three episodes before I felt well enough to get up again.

But wait! I hear you saying, You're NAKED!

True... very true. But, I put on a fleece hoodie and a pair of velvet sweat pants- inside-out. That's right, I was rocking inside-out sweats. I managed to survive the rest of the evening till bedtime when I then stripped down again and re-entered that fleece cocoon I'd built myself.

Pain, itching, aching skin... it was not a good day.

By comparison, today is much, much better. So, at least there's that.

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