Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I had to go and open my big mouth...

All that flareup pain I said I'd missed out on the last couple weeks?  Yeah, it came back. Somewhere around one PM today, my body just said: "Fuck this feeling good shit" and the pain set in. I was at the grocery store when I felt it coming on. And I still had to get through the grocery store. One good thing about it, I was hungry when I went to the store (I had cereal for breakfast at 4 AM and a banana for lunch around noon), but as the pain started to settle into my muscles, I sort of lost my appetite and passed up the snack foods I was considering putting in the cart only a few moments before.

On top of the pain, we have the itching again. I say "we" because you're in this with me, right? I mean, all this pain can't be for just one person, can it?

Right now, the majority of the pain is in my arms/hands. I feel like my elbows are trying to separate from my body and the muscles between my elbows and wrists are trying to pull tighter to keep the elbows from leaving. And the itching is mostly in my hands, between the burning aching in my knuckles and stabbing jolts of pain in my hands.

And, of course, the same sprained feeling is in my left foot and ankle. And my left hip. My "hot spots". And there is a general all-over pain right now too, but the intensity of the hands/arms/hot-spots is higher than the all-over stuff.

There's an article or few going around about a breakthrough in how doctors have perceived fibro. I've read three or four versions of it (because people have posted it on my Facebook and I follow a few fibro support pages on FB). I won't bore you with the details, but here's a link if you want to read it. I'm just going to sit back and peel the skin from my arms and hands with a vegetable peeler while I await the new and amazing treatment that will take this imaginary disease away from me. That should totally work, right?

Right now though, I really wish I'd gotten some of that snack food.

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  1. I wish i had some Cadbury to send. And Tim Tams.