Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Don't Have this Fibro thing worked out yet

One would think that by living with this pain for as long as I have, I'd "get it" a little more. Sure, I've only been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since June 28th, but I have lived with this pain for more than five years now. I suppose knowing what it is makes a difference.

Wednesday, I was so absolutely exhausted that I could barely function. I was sluggish and sore and my skin was tender. I was in that "giant bruise" phase for pain. I even took a nap! I woke up from that nap feeling worse than I did when I fell asleep. I even went to bed at my usual time and slept like normal- well, the new normal, on the muscle relaxers. Then, I woke up at my usual time, laid down on the really uncomfortable sofa for forty-five minutes (and slept for most of that time), then ate breakfast, did some online stuff, took care of the dogs and I went back to bed.

Where I slept for another two and a half hours. I dragged myself into the shower... dragged myself back to my room... Then I perked up a bit. And I felt okay all day. A little sore. Not too bad. I even had to leave the house and go out into the icky heat and humidity. I took my pain meds at 6 PM, like always. I took the muscle relaxer at 730 PM, the new "like always". And here I am, at nearly 1230 AM, still awake. I'm not the least bit tired or worn out now. I'm sore, of course. We should just say every day is sore, but varying levels of intensity.

For a couple of days, our weather was oppressively hot. Its hovered around 90 Fahrenheit with humidity in the 80% range. Walking outside is like walking into a slimy, wet, hot blanket. This evening- err, Thursday evening and even now- we had some severe thunderstorms roll through. That was around the time I should have been tired from the day itself, not to mention the enjoyable medicines I'm on. And here I am... awake... listening to the thunder and fending off the occasional dog. (they're afraid of the thunder. They're taking turns seeing who can get as close to me as possible without actually crawling on top of my head).

So far, I got this much: heat and humidity does not like Fibromyalgia. Or maybe Fibromyalgia doesn't like heat and humidity. Either way, Fibro is outnumbered two to one. Let's hope Fibro doesn't get it into his head to call on Arthur and Burr, the Itis boys, to even up the score.

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