Monday, August 16, 2010

Itching, aching, twitching, oh my!

I've been slightly itchy all day. A slight bit of burning, like a friction-y heat just under the skin.

And my muscles ache. I woke up so achy that I thought I'd been working out too hard. But that isn't happening.

About four PM (its about six PM as I type this), my muscles got twitchy. I'm a regular poster on a website called Regretsy and the site was down for about a half hour. In a Facebook post, the site owner announced the downtime. I posted a reply saying I was having withdrawal twitching. Well, I was actually twitching. I ended up taking my Vicodin about a half hour early tonight. When the twitching and the friction-y burning feeling ganged up on me, I'd had enough.

I'd really like my feet to stop hurting too. That's not a fibromyalgia issue, just a bitching for GP (general purpose for all you non-military types).

I shared photos with you last time and in case you don't read any of my other blogs or have me friended on Facebook, photography is my hobby and slight profession. I say "slight" because I have yet to make any money off of it, but I'm trying. I'm a recently-published amateur photographer. Well, there are some days that even the photos don't distract me from this mess.

Oh, and in case you had no idea- my "recently published photo" is hanging in a Denny's Restaurant in South Beloit, Illinois. I'm fairly well chuffed about that. People I know (okay, my adult-aged son and my parents) have called me to tell me they've seen my photo.

Now back to my regularly scheduled whinging. I wish this Vicodin would kick in so this freakin' itching would stop.

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