Monday, December 20, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the whiny...

Guess which one I am!

You don't have to... I'm the whiny one.

First off, the good-

A friend of mine, "Texas Scott" (his parents named him that, don't judge) has an awesome radio show on Wednesday nights. Its called "Shake Hands with Danger" and it is full of eclectic and amazing music that makes me happy. What's that got to do with fibromyalgia? Well, when I'm happy, I can forget the pain for a little while. 6 PM Central USA time, Wednesday nights.

Shake Hands with Danger on Blogspot

Shake Hands with Danger on Facebook

Shake Hands with Danger's actual link where you can listen

Also good- my dear friend from Australia, Shawn, sent a Christmas parcel. I'm currently jamming to "The Latest and Greatest" from Skyhooks and its several kinds of awesome. Also- Cadbury Snack. (there's another CD, The Very Best of Split Enz).

Aaannnnd I hurt a little less.

Secondly, there isn't any "bad" really. There's a weather change happening and that's got me aching again, so I guess that's the "bad" today.

And the whiny...

I ache today in such a way that my skin feels bruised. I had several good days in a row. No real pain to speak of, it was around a three or four on that useless pain scale. So I had hoped that today would be another one of those days. Sadly, no. My skin- that feels like its bruised- hurts with every move or turn I make. I'm dressed, only because I can't stand to not be dressed, but I'm wearing only a very soft fleece instead of a shirt. (normally, this is an item I wear over a shirt). My jeans, luckily, are just rough-ish enough to keep the skin on my legs from itching so badly I want to scream and claw at myself like a drug addict going through detox. I've already taken a Vicodin today. And we all know how I don't like to do that.

So, the cookies I wanted to bake aren't being baked today. The laundry isn't getting done very quickly. I'm sitting here, hoping the pain will stop, but I know it won't. Its so distracting today that it took me hours to edit through thirty-six photos that I took of my friend and her family yesterday. I had to do a few at a time, then stop. Then do a few more... and so on.

Today is one of those days where all I want is a hug, but I know its going to hurt if someone touches me. Of course, it isn't like I'm going to get anyone to hug me anyway, so that point is moot. So, here I sit, enjoying my Christmas presents from Shawn, hoping that the Cadbury will magically whisk the pain away and jamming to the Skyhooks. The latest and greatest, in fact.

Oh, on top of the "weather change being bad" thing, we've got heavy cloud cover because we're supposed to get a bit of snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by snow again. That means I'm going to miss out on the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse. The photographer in me is disappointed and the pagan that I am says "we can enjoy it anyway".

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