Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entering Day Three of this "Flareup"

Seriously, man, they need to change the name of "flareup" to something else. The "flare" part gives the illusion it isn't going to last long. Like "hot flash". There's nothing "flash" about it. I've had hot "flashes" last for two hours.

I have fought the urge to get all whiny on my Facebook status today. I really, really wanted to just bitch about it today. I had to change my shirt three times before leaving the house this morning because each one wasn't soft enough. My skin aches today. Where my clothes are touching it, it outright hurts. And itching. Sweet Captain Frobisher, the itching! Why "Captain Frobisher" and not "Jesus" or "Fanny Adams"? Because I like Captain Frobisher- that is to say, I like the guy who plays him at Bristol. I have never walked away from a conversation with him and not been smiling. (also, who the hell is "Fanny Adams" and why is she sweet? I have no idea if the actual Captain Martin Frobisher was sweet or not, but I have absolute proof that the man who portrays him at Bristol is sweet).

I'm sitting here at my desk, listening to Shake Hands With Danger Radio, hoping that I can lose myself in the music. But it isn't working tonight.

I took Vicodin this morning, but it didn't do much other than make me type an email with a lot of typos that I had to fix. Much like I'm typing now, and I'm catching them as I go, because that's how I roll.

I can't sit still. When I sit still, my muscles twitch. So I'm doing that leg-jiggle thing that annoys people who are seated near you in a crowded room. But I'm alone in this room- canine presence notwithstanding- so it annoys nobody but me. Earlier today, I was chilly. Shivering caused me to hurt. Getting goosebumps caused me pain. But putting on a hoodie- which I have since donned- hurts like a bitch too. Being too cold makes me hurt with the shivering and goosebumps. Being too warm makes the itching more intense.

My hands are cold (Raynaud's Syndrome, part of the fibro), but the pain is making them burn as well. I'm also getting the little electrical jolt-y feeling in various places. I suppose the fibrofuckingmyalgia is getting back at me today for mocking that ad yesterday. Also... my ear started ringing this morning and it didn't stop till about a half hour ago (which was an hour after I took my nighttime Vicodin).

Now back to something more fun.

Captain Sir Martin Frobisher...

After discussing with the good Captain Frobisher that my boobshelf is indeed shelf-like, I told him about this photo (or one like it, there are two). Not to be outdone, Frobisher showed us the skills he had... with his codpiece.

This initial discussion was about facial hair. I said that I had some German in me, and I stroked my upper lip and added: "I use a cream. It smells terrible, but it works." Frobisher's companion said that it was "The German way- it smells terrible, but it works!". That's why the Captain is stroking his epic mustache in this photo. (that is his companion's hat on his codpiece).

Captain Sir Martin Frobisher

The good captain attempted this after hearing about my boobshelf photo

Captain Frobisher and Jane the Phoole (another Favorite Person of mine).

At Stronghold, six months after the above video.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your pain...wish i could do something...