Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Discovery...

As I type this, it is Sunday evening. I'm two hours past Vicodin time, almost an hour past muscle relaxers (which have all been taken, thank you very much). Starting on Thursday, I've not had one day where I wasn't doing something. For hours. Thursday was the big grocery shopping day. Friday was the usual payday errands and a bit of drama that isn't worth discussing, but it was emotionally stressful (the kind of stress I hate the most). Saturday, I was on my feet most of the afternoon, taking photos at a graduation party. And Sunday, we delivered the benches the Disabled Guy made to the renaissance faire. (faire doesn't start for another month)

I ended up having to lift and carry the heavy benches before we could leave. Anticipating the pain and exhaustion I would be in from the three previous days, and knowing I wasn't going to drive, I took Vicodin. Three tablets at 325/5mgs.

Five-ish hours later, I took two more.

And six to seven hours later, I took two. (that would have been my usual nightly dose of three, but I figured I'd had enough Vicodin attacking my liver and/or kidneys.

What I learned is that I need that much Vicodin to remain mostly pain-free. I wasn't pain-free, but I was a lot less pained than I normally am.

I'm not thrilled with this information. And I'm not happy that I had to discover it. Much like discovering penicillin instead of a PB&J sandwich- no, wait, that was actually a pretty good discovery...

Have you seen "The Crying Game"? Because there was some discovery there that wasn't all that pleasant. I mean, you know, depending on your perspective, it was unpleasant. But up to that point, things were just dandy. I was dandy today, but I took too much Vicodin. Things are sore now, muscles are aching and tightening up and I know tomorrow is going to suck dirty socks. But, it was still a good day.

Despite the "too much" with the Vike, lots of good things happened today. LOTS of good things. I am not at liberty to discuss them, so I'm going to leave you with this-

"Where is everyone? I'm at faire, this is the Globe Stage, the sun is out, I hear laughter, I see all the people... but there's no Maxx and Mauldron Show... When will I ever get to meet Mauldron?"

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