Friday, June 8, 2012


We've established that the actual name of fibromyalgia is "fibrofuckingmyalgia". That's important. Because that's what I call it in real life. At least, that's what I call it when I'm not too tired or too whacked on my pain meds to just say "fibro".

And we all know about "flareup" or "flare-up" or "flare up"; depending on your particular spell-check. In mine, all three are right, because I don't put up with any of that squiggly red line crap my browser tries to put on me. I spell things right, dammit, and if I make up a word, I damn sure add it to my dictionary.

But I digress...

Yesterday, then again today, I was out doing stuff. Yesterday, grocery store; today, ruining some fabric with a needle and thread. And I suddenly became tired. Not just tired, but mind-stopping, bone-crumpling exhausted. I almost folded in half at the grocery store. Yeah, it was awkward. (no, in reality, I literally slowed my gait by half).

As I was driving home- which is so much easier than walking to the car park to get in my vehicle- I realized I was probably having a flareup. Which made me laugh, because I was definitely not "up".

So, I've now decided that when I have a "flareup" that has exhaustion as its main problem- it will be called...

A Flare Down.

Yeah, two days in a row, I started off my day just fine and then, had a flare-down. Flaredown. That's right- I just added "Flaredown" to my spell-check.

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