Thursday, November 8, 2012

And, just like that... All better...

I posted a blog yesterday about how I'm "lucky" in that I don't suffer from real depression. I even said at the end of it how I'd wake up and feel a lot better. That was sort of true and sort of not true. I had a fasting lab today and was unable to eat food or drink anything aside from water till almost 2 PM today. (then I ate a banana, a Special K strawberry cereal bar, and guzzled a 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew).

And I really AM lucky, because I don't have depression problems. That's not to say I don't have bad days, as yesterday's blog post clearly states. I miss my mom every day even though when she was alive, we'd go days, even a couple weeks, without even talking (especially when they were traveling, because they were busy). But even though I miss her, I'm not sad all the time. I only get sad when I think about it. And if I keep talking about her now, I'll get teary and choked up about it, so let's stop. But, I woke up today and my mood is fine. Not depressed at all, not like yesterday.

I had a followup appointment (I think all of my appointments are followups nowadays) today. My labs are all fine. My cholesterol, for once in my life, was a little elevated. We're going to hold off on the medication part though, to see if it improves on its own because I just recently started to exercise on a regular basis again. I really like this doctor, because she doesn't just look at my new test results, she'll bring up my records for years and compare them to how I was when I was still thin, pre-knee injury, pre-fibro, pre-everything. And even after the sedentary lifestyle was forced upon me, my blood stuff stayed pretty good.

The important part was the fibro pain and everything I had trouble with this summer. We're both fairly certain my issues with all those terrible flareups were all related to the weather. And she made me remember something- last year, at the faire, I took photos of every joust, but I did so from a seat in the stands. I sat for every joust (in almost the same spot every time- Sir Maxx's section, of course). This year, I only sat if I was in the dais with Jane the Phoole (which happened only a few times) and most of those times, I got up anyway and took photos, leaving my guests to enjoy Jane's conversation and the joust action.

So, because of the new camera, I was on my feet probably 80% more than I was last year. And that would explain the pain that I had for those days following faire. I told her what I started doing with the pain meds, mostly on faire days. I'd take two or three of my Vicodin pills and one muscle relaxer and that would help me get through a day of walking up and down the Cardiac (the hill one must walk up when leaving the Nobles Glade). I told her I always felt a little guilty about the pain meds during the day, because I normally follow my prescription orders to the letter. I don't like to do things outside of my doctor's orders, because if I'm out there doing what I'm not supposed to, how the hell can they help me get better?

Well, she changed my prescription on my muscle relaxers. Now I take two at 7 PM ("before bed" is what the label says), and I can take one in the daytime "as needed". I'm not supposed to take more than three in a 24 hour time. So, now I'll have the relief without the guilt. And who needs all this extra guilt anyway?

She also gave me a thumbs-up for the newly-started workout. I don't want to go into too much detail about it, just in case I end up quitting from the pain. Let's just say things are going along okay now. I miss the intensity of the four-mile-a-day thing I used to do, but thanks to the fibro, I may not ever get back to that level of activity. But, I can at least be a little more comfortable. And then The Cardiac won't kick my ass every time I have to leave the tilt yard.

And only because I've been blathering on about it, I leave you with a joust photo. Because I can.

Taso Stavrakis (Google his name, really). He played the Earl of Essex and he's riding Blaze. And he's looking right at me.

I love it when they make eye contact with my camera.

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