Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The irony of this is that I was too fatigued to finish it in one sitting...

I was looking something up related to fibro (pain in the hands, feet, and other "hot spots") and got stuck in an article loop of clicking "related content" on different sites and found this one (on WebMD). Which made me laugh for some reason.

From the article:

"With fibromyalgia, you may feel: 
♦ Fatigue on arising in the morning 
♦ Fatigue after mild activity such as grocery shopping or cooking dinner 
♦ Too fatigued to start a project such as folding clothes or ironing 
♦ Too fatigued to exercise 
♦ More fatigued after exercise 
♦ Too fatigued for sex 
♦ Too fatigued to function adequately at work" 

So, what WebMD is telling us- most fibro sufferers are TOO FATIGUED TO LIVE. Of course, if we believe the old Coca~Cola ads, extra caffeine is all we need to "relieve fatigue". But, caffeine can exacerbate our fibro symptoms... so we're too fatigued to do anything, but if we drink more caffeine, we're likely to increase our pain levels, causing us to be unable to do those wonderful projects...

Also- I don't classify "folding clothes or ironing" as a "project". A "project" implies that it might be fun or that it involves work and therefore a paycheck. Unless you're a maid or work in the dry cleaning industry, folding and ironing clothes isn't a project. I'd call it a "task" or "something I'm not doing". Yeah, I don't fold laundry. It sort of piles up in the clean basket till I wear it again. And "ironing"- I call that "fifteen minutes in the dryer".

But this list... I was fatigued after reading it. I think I reached the point where "fatigue" almost has no meaning anymore. I'm not "tired". I long for tired. "Tired" means you've had a good, solid day of work and that you're worn out and will sleep well because of it. "Fatigue" means no matter how much sleep you get, you have no energy to do anything. Exhausted, but awake. Awake, wildly awake with a forgetful brain that won't stop racing with thoughts about everything from: "Did I turn on the dishwasher after I managed to load it?" to "I like that Cumberbatch fella too..."

In my clicking, I also found this article about wrist pain. And the part that got me was this: "You may feel aching, burning, numbness, or tingling in your palm, wrist, thumb, or fingers. The thumb muscle can become weak, making it difficult to grasp things. Pain may extend up to your elbow." The thumb muscle can become weak, making it difficult to grasp things.

Or, you know, like in my case- I can pick something up and seconds later, send it skittering across the table or counter-top because I've lost my grip on it. And that doesn't really hurt, not in the sense of the usual pain, anyway. Yesterday, I spent all day picking things up, dropping them, picking them up again, and then accidentally flinging them when my hand decided to lose its grip on them. Yesterday, my wrists were sore like I'd sprained them, but I hadn't. And this morning, I woke up and my wrists were fine. Well, not fine, but they weren't hurting in the middle of the tiny bones like yesterday.

As for the title of this blog post- I WAS too fatigued to finish this post when I started it this morning. And here I am, twelve hours later, finishing it up... why twelve hours?

Because I completely blanked on the fact that I'd started it. I forgot it was here and in need of finishing. So, while I'm absolutely fatigued and can't seem to keep a grasp on anything- I also forget when things need to be fini

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