Friday, May 23, 2014

And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on...

Yup, you guessed it, I'm still having this flareup. I counted the days and I'm at the end of day 34. Every single day is an effort to get out of bed, followed most days with a nap after breakfast. And I had several days in a row where the very act of pouring cereal into a bowl, getting milk, and then eating it with a spoon was too tiresome to complete. (this is why I keep some Special K cereal bars around).

In between all of these stupid pain-filled days, I've had obligations to fulfill. Payday errands, grocery store trips, doctor appointments, Mother's Day boat trip and the Janesville Renaissance Faire. And those days meant I didn't get a nap. But I soldiered on. I trudged through the pain and had fun (at times) and did my job (which was part of the fun).

Now, my usual "days following faire" are spent in this chair, editing my photos (I shoot RAW, in case you forgot or don't care), and not physically moving all that much. The pain is typical of two-straight-days-of-physical-activity, but this time around, the fatigue spin-kicked me in the back of the face. Sure, the pain sucked- the arches of my feet had bruises (still do) and my back and hips were just screaming in an off-key, drunken way. It took me three days to edit the photos that should have taken me two. (I shoot more at Bristol because of the jousts). I slogged through the pain at the faire like I always do- slightly whiny and sitting down as much as possible (but I did stand a lot too, because sometimes you have to). But sitting here at my desk, I was so mind-numbingly exhausted that I would sometimes doze off with my hand on the mouse (thank the photo gods for the "undo" option in Photoshop, AMIRITE!?). And I've felt hot. Like I'm slightly overheated for no reason. I have central AC. I never have to feel hot inside my house.

The weird thing happened today. We had- I'm sorry, this "we" is actually me and my youngest daughter (she'll be 21 in a month)- we had to go over to my dad's house and then to the grocery store. But, I also shampooed the living room carpet. And as we were walking out of the grocery store, I felt my Vicodin wear off. I could feel the pain come back to me in a wave from my feet all the way up. After that initial wave sucked the breath out of my chest, the burning pain settled into my hip and lower back. My hands and wrists have been extra annoying these last few days, too. (I needed to throw that in before I forgot).

Now, back to the weekend- which was wonderful, because I got to lace up in a steel-boned bodice and flounce around outdoors with other people wearing equally silly clothes and doing their own flouncing. Also, I was able to get myself a Mother's Day gift from my friend, Joshua. He makes jewelry and I got myself a necklace made of cognac amber and bloodstone with a gold and blue tiger's eye. It's more awesome in person (you can see the details in the stones, that's why). Anyway... the weekend...

The same thing that happened at the Mother's Day pirate ship shoot happened at the Janesville Faire. If someone asked me how I was, they meant it. They knew I was still in the middle of this stupid flareup and they weren't just being polite when they asked if I was doing okay.

OH- someone who shall remain nameless said: "Well, they're actors. They were probably just acting like they were concerned." And you know what I say to that? (I mean, aside from: "No, you shut up, Nameless person") I say so what? If they were acting like they cared, they were doing a damn good job of it and it made me feel a little better. BECAUSE THAT'S ALL IT TAKES SOMETIMES. Sometimes just knowing that someone believes you and gives a flying rat's ass about your well-being is enough. (for the record, I don't think they were "just acting", because they're good people, dammit).

But let me repeat that one bit- Sometimes all it takes to help someone feel better, even with physical pain, is knowing that someone cares about them. That someone believes them. Especially when you have an "invisible illness".  (In case you couldn't tell from the above two paragraphs, I live with a naysayer).

Now, just because I was AT the faire and I take photos, I'm sharing a few of my favorites. I don't care if I shared the link to the whole album up there. I'm sharing them anyway. And also, a video- of the sea captains on the water, where they belong.

And now, some photos...

Anne-Drew made herself a beard of sponges. 

Which one is the REAL Frobisher!?

These are a progression...

Black, Red, Blue- beards of all colors welcome!

Frobisher and Hawkyns kept talking and cracking me up. Thee Bluebeard finally gave in and laughed out loud too.

Black, Red, Blue- beards of all colors welcome!

Then he composed himself and became stern...

Black, Red, Blue- beards of all colors welcome!

And then THIS happened (this is my cover photo on Facebook now).

Black, Red, Blue- beards of all colors welcome!

Anne-Drew and Captain Grace O'Malley

Anne-Drew and O'Malley

To the Point, the fight cast. 

To the Point!

A real life fairy and her daughter. 

Mother and Daughter

A Day in the life... 

A day in the life...

Bristol Buskin Frolic (two of many, actually)

Bristol Buskin Frolic!

This was To the Point on Sunday. Josh (on the left) couldn't be there on Saturday, so I told them to pose like they were fed up with him and for him to look smug.

To the Point Group shots

Captain Sir John Hawkyns

Captain Sir John Hawkyns

Thee Bluebeard is shocked!

Thee Bluebeard

Captain Frobisher isn't listening to you.

Captain Sir Martin Frobisher

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. That's the Disabled Guy at the Janesville Renaissance Faire with my sea captains. No, he didn't attend the faire. He came out to fix the treasure chest he'd made for them. And he agreed to pose for a couple photos. I had them all pose with their arms crossed and scowling, like he was. 

The Sea Captains and the Disabled Guy

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