Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"In case you forgot how much it can suck..."

"... here's a full-blown, all-out, no-holds-barred, knock-you-to-the-floor, kick-you-in-the-face, steal-all-the-candy, set-your-skin-on-fire, cause-muscle-spasms-all-over-the-place flareup of pain!" ~Fibrofuckingmyalgia

Sunday was an incredibly stressful day. After my last blog post where I was up all night, I ended up having a medical scare with the spouse. Here's the blog I wrote about that- "A Cautionary Tale of "What the fuck were you thinking!?"

Today's major pain increase started late on Sunday. Then Monday was almost pure hell. I've been having that all-over pain. That kind of pain that feels like you've worked out too hard and didn't cool down properly. And then you sit on the mat and cry, rocking back and forth, while wailing: "I should have listened to Coach Shaw! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO COACH SHAW!" because he was always telling you to warm up and cool down properly.

All my muscles are tight and sore. They're so sore that moving and lifting things (even a thing as light as a bottle of water) makes them hurt more. When I picked up a bowl of cereal yesterday, I felt like I was lifting a heavy weight that I inexplicably filled with milk and strawberry Shredded Wheat. My skin feels like a giant bruise. A giant, hot bruise that hates clothes so much that it is making everywhere my clothing touches, burn like fire. Not just "owwww, flames all over my body" fire, but that burning and prickling kind of fire that feels like you were set on fire and thrown into a cactus garden.

I'm beginning to worry that this more-than-a-monthlong flareup is the New Normal and that what I'm having now is going to be the new normal to flareups. I hate New Normals. There isn't nothing new or normal about them. And yet, there they are, ruining your day, messing up your plans, making your clothes look out of style, and giving you a goofy haircut. Just like that aunt who went to six months of beauty college and dropped out.

I forgot what I was talking about.

So, I'm going to show you some photos. I've started making up photos to countdown to opening day at Bristol. Because everything will be alright when faire starts.

These are all links to the posts on Tumblr. And the photos are (obviously) from last year at Bristol. I decided to link to the posts because I also included the Facebook and website links for Bristol and whatever was in the photo.

Thee Bluebeard


Sir Edgeron

GSM-Bristol "Education AND Explosions!"

Uplifting Experience

Hashtag Gossip

Don Vincenzo

Captain Frobisher

Queen Elizabeth

GSM-Bristol wants YOU!

Chastity Trollop

Sir Maxx's heavy metal high-five

Captain Hawkyns

Sir Mauldron

Huzzah, Sir Edgeron

Flight of the Raptor

Countdown to Open Wide the Gates!

*"I've got an axe! Let's open 
those gates!" ~Sir Mauldron

*not an actual quote

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