Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Exhaustion. It's so tiring.

This is gonna be a short blog post. Stop cheering, I can hear you all the way over here. If you keep it up, I can keep typing. You know me...

Let me dive right into it. Mostly because I'm so bloody tired. The Exhaustion... how bad is that feeling of tired? "Tired" is a nice way of putting it. Along with the fatigue is a little pain, but the pain is negligible by comparison. 

This was my morning- I got up after turning off four alarms. (I use my mobile phone as my alarm clock and I have four alarms set in a 35 minute window). I got up, staggered to the bathroom to put on my ha-ha-workout-clothes. I managed to get downstairs without falling down and I took the first of my stay-alive pills. 

I normally wait at least a half hour between my thyroid pill and my other stay-alive pills because I was told once a million years ago that I should take it on an empty stomach. But today, I got up after ten minutes and took the rest of my stay-alive pills (three of them are vitamins, the others are for my blood pressure, allergies/asthma, and acid reflux). Then I opened the cabinet to get my breakfast. Cheerios. Because gross stuff is good for you (not a fan of Cheerios). 

But the very act of pouring a bowl of cereal, getting the milk for it, walking back to my desk and then actually eating the cereal seemed too daunting a task. I usually keep some Special K cereal bars on hand for such days, but I was out. 

I had Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts for breakfast. I had Pop tarts for breakfast because cereal was too hard. I ate almost all of the two tarts and gave about a third of the second one to my dog- Gypsy. I took the dogs out- I think they love the fatigue days because I tend to stand on the deck without constantly telling them to hurry up. If I don't remind them what they're out there to do, they'd just run in circles eating grass and playing till they fall over. After I got them back inside, I went back to bed for a nap. 

I was up for less than 45 minutes before I succumbed to the fatigue. The exhaustion is worse than the pain sometimes. I mean, the pain sucks, don't get me wrong (today's pain, in case you were wondering, is about a five or six), but I can deal with the pain. I can't always stay in bed and nap. Also, I can take pain meds if I have to, but increasing my caffeine intake helps not at all for the crushing exhaustion. 

Consider yourself lucky if you don't have this disease. You know how you get tired at the office or in front of a class or digging that ditch (I don't know what you do for a living)? You yawn and stretch, let out a little groan, maybe stand up and walk around your office... or ditch. You feel a little better and you feel like you can go on. I can't do that. When I stretch, it hurts. Yawning sucks in general because it doesn't help (and I keep doing it now because I keep typing the word "yawn"). And if I get up when I'm this worn down, I'm going to shuffle-walk my ass to bed. 

Well, look at that... this wasn't as short as I expected. I told you to stop cheering about that, but you didn't listen, did you? Yeah, go think about what you've done. 


  1. Sounds familiar. Occasionally I have this dilemma:
    1. to go to work, I must shower and dress;
    2. if I shower and dress, I will not have the energy to go to work.
    Therefore: ?????

    1. Exactly.

      We have to weigh what we have to get done against how much energy it will take to get it done.

      I was so blanked out while typing this, I forgot to mention that I've had the fatigue thing for a few days and today was the first day it made me feel like eating cereal was too much of a task.