Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pahz complains about Fibro- now with Video!

I've always thought that "vlogs" were stupid. I don't mean the celebrity things or the ones with instructional videos, I'm talking about the normal, everyday people who do a video blog because apparently typing is just too difficult. They ramble for fifteen minutes about how their mother hates them and the cat puked in their shoe. Doing a video seems about as lazy as one can get. Well, aside from doing an entire blog post in text speak.

Well, I did some video here... because I've been asked a few things more than once. And like I say at the start of the video, you can only convey so much through typing. In this video, you'll get to see my poorly-lit face (my hair is in my eyes a lot), the fancy "background" that is actually a curtain (I use it as photography background), I drink water a couple times, I talk with my hands, but you can't always see them, and I get teary near the end. I mention that I took my pain meds later than normal- it was about 45 minutes later than normal.

I left out the itching skin thing. I have been lucky enough not to have that problem for a couple weeks now, so it is understandable why I forgot. So, enjoy the video. Or don't. It doesn't matter to me.

And because I mentioned taking my pain meds late because I was taking photos, here are a few of those photos.

Sunset on the river

Sunset on the river

Sunset on the river

Sunset in the park

Sunset on the river

Water hazard in the evening

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