Sunday, March 16, 2014

A new look... brought to us by fake insomnia

Tonight brought me a bout of Fake Insomnia. It started with the itching. You know the "thousands of hairy-legged spiders" itch thing... well, it was all over this time, not just my legs. It was annoying, at first. Then it intensified and the itching went from annoying to infuriating. I finally got out of bed.

I've been planning on re-doing my blog's look for a few weeks now, but I procrastinated myself out of it for all that time. And now here we are. I'm listening to a mix of house music (that I discovered because of DJ Phoole) and a Flo Rida CD. (fun fact, when I ordered that CD, I texted my youngest kid and said: "I just ordered a Flo Rida CD, is that weird?" She replied with: "A little..." and later told me that one of her friends thinks I'm cool because of this CD. Her mom would never listen to music like that! I'm the cool mom again! Yay, me!)... and yet, I almost procrastinated myself out of it again tonight. I hassled a young friend of mine over on Tumblr (something about cooties and how boys are gross), I stalked a few of my friends on Facebook, ate a granola bar... then I just had to get to it. This needed to be done and no amount of cootie-teasing and Facebook-stalking was going to change that...

When I started all my blogs- back in the day- I set a lot of it up so my mom could read them. She preferred a darker background and a slightly bright font. Well... I decided to clean up the overall look and make it brighter all around. Give it a bit of an update. Make it sleeker.

So, here it is- my new blog look. The same layout is still here, all the brackets/links/gadgets and such are just where they always were. The banner image is just something I threw together in Photoshop and it took about a dozen tries to get it centered the way I wanted it.

I hope you like it... I plan on doing the same to the Conversations with the Disabled Guy blog as well.

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