Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Three month Follow-up

Good news, the pain in my hip/thigh isn't anything serious. Just bursitis. What's that? Inflammation of the bursae. You know how you take care of inflammation? With anti-inflammatory medicine. That I can't take. Because when I take it on the long-term (meaning more than twice in a row), it causes me to swell up. That's right, something that's supposed to take away the swelling causes me to swell.

So, for the fibro, we're going to increase the Gabapentin dosage. A little at a time. An additional 100 mgs at bedtime for a week. And if that helps, then I can do the same with the daytime dosages (just like last time, no faster than once a week). This is the reason she gave me this particular drug, because we can up and down the dose by a wide margin before we can call it a failure.

Speaking of the good doctor, my next visit with her- in three months- will be my last, with her. She's graduating and moving on. Yeah. And I like her. At least now I know if I get stuck with another lousy doctor, I can demand another. No more two-year limbo till someone helps me.

On this visit, we also addressed the humidity issue in that the humidity levels are a key factor in fibro patients' lives. The disabled guy doesn't believe me when I say I can tell when the humidity is high. I even said, "Trust me, it's at least 75%..." and he checked, it was 80%... He claims it was because I looked online. I can't convince him that the real reason is because I can feel it in my muscles, in my skin. When I feel exhausted and weak, as if I'm being pulled to the ground slowly... that's from the humidity.

As I sit here and type this, the sun is going down. And it looks like it will be a brilliant sunset. The only problem is that I'm an hour into my pain meds and I'm listening to Shake Hands with Danger Radio online... so even if I wasn't drugged to the gills and could drive out and take photos, I wouldn't take these headphones off. And the cord isn't that long. I only mentioned it because the sun is starting to blind me from the left side because someone opened the blinds on the door.

But I digress...

No, I don't, actually. I'm done for now. Back to the frustrating project of trying to create decent business cards. I've actually created them already. I can't get them tweaked just so and aligned properly.

For what? you ask... For my etsy shop... Pahz Photography...

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