Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Tumblr post-

I have a Tumblr. I'd like to say it's for my photography, and it kind of is, but I only got a Tumblr so I could follow a band that I like. They update their official Tumblr with more regularity than Facebook and their Facebook statuses get lost in the shuffle of all the other stuff on Facebook.

So, I got myself a Tumblr to keep up on their activities.

I try to keep it mostly photography related, though. I'll like/favorite/heart posts and such, but I rarely "reblog" a post. Till today. Now, don't worry. I had a pretty good day. I haven't had a terrible flareup for a little while now. Had a couple rough days, but nothing terrible.

I reblogged this photo and added a whole lotta text of my own to the bottom.

Tumblr Post

If you don't want to go to Tumblr, here's the photo I re-posted.

And, here's the text I added myself. 

Pain changes a lot.

Pain changed how I did everything.

How I dress.

How I sleep.

How I sit.

How I walk.

Pain made me change the way I go to the grocery store.

Pain took over my life.

Pain roundhouse kicked me in the face and left me on the ground.

And now I’m struggling to get back up. Every day is a struggle.

Is today going to be a good day? Is it going to be a bad day?

Is gravity going to feel harsher?

And not even important stuff- like: am I going to be able to sit at my desk to work?

No. Pain makes me ask myself, “Am I going to be able to get out of bed?”

Am I going to be able to stand in the shower?

Am I going to be able to put real clothes on today?

Am I going to be able to get through the day without chewing down extra Vicodin?

Am I going to make it through to 6 PM (when I take my nightly pain meds)?

Pain changes everything. Including me.

But I’m working my way back up.

Pain changes everything, but it isn’t going to keep me down for long. I refuse to let pain win.

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