Wednesday, December 19, 2012

At least we'll get some cool photos out of this...

My latest flareup is brought to you by Massive Snowstorm That May or May Not be Snow When it Reaches Us. We've got the usual all-over body stiffness and the typical itchy-underneath-the-surface skin. And the utter exhaustion. Let's not forget the utter exhaustion.

But we also have areas of intense pain. My right ankle and calf, for instance. If I judge by my blog posts, it has been happening for almost a month now. I can't rotate my ankle in an effort to relieve pain, swelling, or stiffness because the act of moving it causes the muscles from mid-calf to my toes to contort in a Charlie-Horse-esque cramping that makes me cry out weakly and pathetically. And I'm plenty pathetic on my own, I don't need any help hitting that level. My elbows and wrists are also sore, but not as intense as that damned ankle. So when I try to get out of my chair, I make lovely facial expressions and I groan. When I have to walk, I do so as though I'm a zombie. There's groaning, an awkward shuffling, and I suddenly crave the tender delicacy of human brains. Strange, I don't recall reading that in the Fibrofuckingmyalgia Bylaws.


The only good thing coming from this possible storm is that I'll finally get to take some cool macro snowflake photos. I've done a few- we've had a few moments of spitting snow, but I need a real snowfall for it to be awesome.

Right now, at 605 AM, all I want to do is slide to the floor under my desk and take a nap. There's a couple problems with that... If I do slide to the floor, I'll have immense and comical difficulty getting back up. And, if I slide to the floor, I'll immediately get smothered by dogs. And if I slide to the floor, I'll get covered in dog hair- even before the smothering happens.

So instead of sliding to the floor and whimpering like an attention whore at an attention-deficit convention, I'm going to get up, make some oatmeal for breakfast and take my stay-alive pills.

And then... A NAP!

Also, here's a photo of tiny snowflakes from last week or so.


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