Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, that's a fly in the pancake batter, a bee in your girdle, a wasp in your farthingale.

That's a knot in your corset laces, a scratch on your CD, a crack in the windshield, a hole in your tire, a zit on your nose, a ghost in your attic, a rat in the elevator...

I have no idea how long I could keep going. I could just throw words together and someone, somewhere, would say: "Yup, I know what you mean..."

So, to recap the pig in the hay barn, the foot/ankle/calf thing- still here. I haven't checked the weather yet, but judging by my itchy and burning skin, I think there's a storm a-comin'... Last week, I had something happened that scared me like an earthworm at dawn. I woke up and my human knee hurt. Bad. It was the sharp, excruciating pain of arthritis. It was like the day my left knee decided to give up the good fight. Bone-on-bone and it ended with a total knee replacement. As helpful as the TKR was in the long run, I don't want to go through that ever again. EVER AGAIN!

For three days, three excruciatingly painful days, I worried about the possibility that my knee was surrendering to the dark side. On the third day, I realized that the pain in my foot/ankle/calf was gone. And at that moment, I realized that the knee pain was possibly fibro related. Heat didn't help. Ice didn't help. Not moving helped a little.

Damn right it was. I woke up on the fourth day and the knee pain was gone. The foot/ankle/calf thing was back. Needless to say, I was relieved. Then I had to move and fibrofuckingmyalgia reminded me how much it sucks.

I just checked Weather-dot-com. So far, there are no storms a-comin', not for the next five days. But, our temps are dropping like a potato in a corn silo (you like that one?). How about: our temps are dropping like a roof that's been raised after the cops arrive? No? I don't like that one either. Our temps are dropping like a hoarder in Sam's Club with a fistful of coupons.

I'm just going to go ahead and post this now, before I completely lose my mind... like a Batman villain in a mirror factory.


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