Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nine days, all hope of rescue is lost...

I just ordered pizza for dinner because the very thought of standing up to cook makes me want to cry. Standing up to answer the door is so much easier than standing in the kitchen to cook. And sadly, I'm out of the frozen-throw-in-the-oven food that I usually have on hand. It is only slightly better for me than the pizza with extra pepperoni I just ordered.

On top of the wonderful pain I've been having every single day for the last nine days, the fatigue has finally decided to kick me in the face. Up till now, it was only playing catch with me and wasn't a huge problem. But today... today I am exhausted. I stood up at 2 PM to make sauce for spaghetti later. When I became vertical, my body instantly wilted, like a sad daisy. Why is the daisy sad? Because gravity sucks, that's why. I sat back down and stared blankly at my computer monitor. At 3 PM, I stood up again and then sat down again. The daisy was even sadder then. At 4 PM, the daisy decided to order pizza and then somehow, waited another hour to get that done. (all of this happens with random moments of having to take the dogs out and having to "take myself out", if you know what I mean, and no, don't think about it. Sorry, I made you think about it).

Part of today's exhaustion is linked to yesterday, I'm sure. I did some photos at a charity event in Janesville. It was windy, but not too cold when I left my house. I was wearing a cardigan (because I'm old) and it proved to not be warm enough at my destination. I should have worn a hoodie (because I'm not that old). Here's a link to the photos on my Facebook page. The cold definitely settled into my body like it owned the place. This morning wasn't so rough, I thought maybe I'd shaken this stupid flareup spell. But, upon my feet hitting the floor, I realized that alas, it was not over.

I found today, though, that I could reach some relief by sitting on the loveseat, almost completely immobile. If I moved any body part, though, the pain shot through said body part as a special reminder as to why Chronic Illness is stupid and needs to stop being stupid. I'm not getting semi-horizontal on the loveseat right now so I'll be able to get to my feet when my pizza arrives. (which is in about 40 minutes, according to the countdown clock on the website I have opened in another tab). After I go into a pizza coma, I will semi-horizontal myself and watch the animation lineup on FOX. A little dessert with my favorite nerd and maybe I'll be good enough to get up to go to bed. Yeah... bed... but first, food and nerdery.

Because I mentioned taking those photos at Lake Michigan in my last post, here's a few shots for those of you who aren't on my Facebook profile to get sick of them.
(if you click on the first photo, you'll end up at my Flickr where the rest of those photos are located).

Seagulls on the lake in Kenosha

Seagull landing in the waves

More breaking waves


Seagull on the lake

Lake Michigan in Kenosha

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