Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today's topic is brought to you by Fibro and the number 12...

Twelve days. On Monday, I felt a little bit better and decided I should make myself a real dinner. Spaghetti sauce is fairly easy and once I start the sauce at around 2 PM, I don't have to do anything but occasionally stir it till I'm ready to make pasta. As I was browning the meat I had taken out for it, it smelled funny. Not funny-ha-ha, though. So, I made sauce without the meat and that was dinner.

However, after loading the dishwasher and cooking pasta, I was wiped out again.

"You Had Plans? (laughable life with Fibro)"
~My life in novelization.

"Sleep? You don't need Sleep!"
~The sequel.

"You Feel Good- RELAPSE!"
~To round out the trilogy.

"You Wanted to Clean the Kitchen But Only Loaded the Dishwasher"
~A Novella.

"Wake Up! How to Set Multiple Alarms (and what to do if you sleep through them)" 
~a how-to book.

"Vacuum? Just Don't Look At the Floor!"
~A YouTube instructional video.

"This Medicine Helps? (True Stories of Chronic Dry Mouth)"
~Informative Pamphlet.

"Work? You Don't Have Enough Vicodin for THAT!"
~self-help article in a women's magazine.

"Sit Down to Watch a Movie? Now You have to Stand Up"
~the exercise video.

"My Aunt Has That and She Tried This..." 
~fantasy literature.

"If You Just Exercised More..."
~Part two in the fantasy series.

"I tried to walk into the kitchen and instead sat back down to cry."
~The text message.

"You Thought it was Over (till You Woke Up)"
~the hit single.

"Also- Have Some Peripheral Medical Issues Too!"
~the Novel written under a pseudonym.
(Working title: "Why are My Hands so Cold and Numb?")

"Ow, That Still Fucking Hurts"
~The reboot of the movie series.

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